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To be a Chaplain in the III Chaplain Corps you must possess either ordination, license or other document from your Church recognizing you as a member of the clergy of that Church. However, there are three cults whose so called clergy are not acceptable as members of the Corps: The cult of Islam, the cult of Scientology and the cult of Satanism.
Secondly, you must be a registered, dues paying member of III Percent Society for America at the 'Colonial' level or higher (Beginning in July of 2014). This requirement actually allows more anonymity to our members in that they may use their screen names (the name they used to join the society) vice their real name and as members of a 501 (c)(4) organization their identities need not be revealed to anyone. This allows you to have skin in the game and still retain a modicum of invisibility.
 You must believe in and be committed to pledging your life, fortune and sacred honor for the cause of Restoration of Rightful Liberty in America, believe in the principals espoused by our Republic's founders as expressed in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America as adopted.
You must agree and promise to follow the III Chaplain Corps mission statement: To serve our brothers and sisters in the struggle for restoration of Rightful Liberty, the Revival of American society and the renewal of America as a just and moral Republic through works of mercy, supporting physically as well as morally their activities and to share worship with them.
In addition you must promise to offer such service to all member of the militia, both organized and unorganized as well as any who ask or are in need on the skirmish line or battlefield regardless of whether they are friend or foe, when in extremis, according to the dictates, sacraments and regulations of your Church.

Associate Chaplains: 
Associate Chaplains are those who desire to serve as Chaplains (or are elected by their organized group to serve as a Chaplain) but do not possess ordination or license by their Church. This includes, for example, nuns and brothers of the catholic churches, sub-deacons and lower ranks in the orthodox churches and others without sacramental privileges.
Otherwise, the requirements are as above.

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  1. Anonymous12/4/15 06:20

    What about the cult of Mormonism, Jahovah's Witnesses, or Masons?


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