Thursday, December 3, 2015

This image is floating around Facebook and as much as I'd LIKE to bash it the way some of my colleagues are, I find that the essence of the sentiment is spot on - God isn't fixing it nor will He.  That is until Americans who bear the name of Christian make the turn from living for ourselves to living for the One Who has made possible all that we were provided by our Founding Fathers.

We are standing in precisely the same situation as did Israel while Jeremiah was their prophet of the day.  He warned them repeatedly about the coming judgement of the Almighty - judgement for forsaking Him and His Ways for chasing their own.  They, like the vast majority of Americans are today, ignored the words of warning.  When the dust of Nebuchadnezzar's chariots could be seen and the sounds of their horses could be heard, they ran and hid themselves yet expected that all would turn out alright.  It did not.  ALL of Israel was destroyed;  most able-bodied men killed with the rest taken captive; women and children suffered the same fate;  the Temple was ransacked then the building was burnt and reduced to shapeless rubble as was most of Jerusalem and the surrounding area.(Jeremiah 7 & 8 for starters).

The enemy is on our soil and it isn't just the current group of politicians nor even the exposed threat of and active jihad.  Our number one enemy is our hardheartedness against the God of Heaven and His Christ.  Unless "christian america" removes the idol of self from our hearts and replaces it with a true and sincere reverence and fear of God, our nation will suffer the same catastrophic demise as Israel. There will be no fix.

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