Monday, August 17, 2015


Milton L. Haneys...??
Civil War Fighting Chaplain

James Caldwells...??
The Fighting Chaplain

Father John Bannons...??
the Confederates Fighting Chaplain

Today, in times of relative peace, we find supposed men of God being hidden away in storage closets with the slightest ruffling of ecclesiastical service.  Frankly, I'm sickened by the lack of leadership and the total absence of anything that resembles a pair of balls.  It's no wonder America is in the ruinous condition she's in - her clergy run and hide at the first teasing whiff of the stinkwad that's about to hit the national air circulation system.

If you're not aware, I'm fuming over the week-old situation here in my town where 3 separate churches, on the same day, were subject to disruption at the hands of "middle-eastern men" who, while the church members were praying, ran to the front of the worship area, tossed a koran on the pulpit then shouted "death to America".  Clergy and laity alike scattered like scared sheep.  One pastor was sequestered in a storage room by some males of his church till all was clear.  REALLY ???!!!  IN AMERICA ???!!!  GROWN MEN RUN FROM A BOOK AND A SHOUTED SLOGAN???!!!  Why weren't the perps swarmed, beaten down, then force-fed pieces of their beloved koran via every orifice of their bodies? 

Not the proper "Christian attitude"??  This wasn't about religion - it was about striking the softest part of America's underbelly and gauging the reaction.  This was nothing less than a direct attack on our most sacred foundational principle - freedom to worship without harassment.  They have, by this act, declared war on what little is left of America's heart and moral character. 

Well, the score now stands at: terrorism 3;  American Christians 0  and THAT pisses me off.

This is ideological warfare. 

So be it. 


  1. Ran and hid in a closet?... wow. Why is it that so many Christians think that they are (required) to bend over, or fall to their knees and allow others to run them over. (Somehow that's serving Christ Jesus? ).

  2. Where did this happen?
    Are attacks like this treated as hate crimes?
    Are attacks on Christian churches cataloged and compared by anyone?

    This sounds like a deliberate probing action, intended to measure the will and conviction of a population to fight back..


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