Saturday, June 27, 2015

Recent Events, Though Straining, They Come As No Real Surprise

I've been asked my take on the recent SC decision(???) regarding homosexual unions and so on...  whew !!! where do I start..??  Having no sense to do otherwise, I'm going to simply tell it like it is. 

First, I have no personal issue with anyone nor what they may believe.  My issues begin where others desire to push, guide, direct, coerce, shove and/or pressure me into doing something I do not believe in.  It was a Baptist preacher, in exile from his home colony and under threat of arrest and/or death in Virginia where he was basically hiding out, who insisted that what is now our First Amendment be attached to the Constitution.  It was that or the framers and Founding Fathers would receive no support for any of the document.  In that fact alone, I have a personal interest in the antics and baffoonery of the 9 who would be considered the wise of the wise of this land. 

First, the First Amendment has been trashed;  add to that heap States Rights as contained in Article 10 of our Constitution;  looking beyond these points to the fallout, I see that as the power has been removed from the individual States to decide the fate of the "equal rights" violators, it lay in the hands of the; this, in turn, will cause the leftists to push, scream and demand by trantrum that FEDERAL CHARGES be leveled against any transgressors of the "sacred edicts". Conviction would cause a felony to be carried around thereafter. And, you like guns, do you??  Well, we'll take those too.

Where do I stand, you ask?

It was considered treason and sedition for the clergy to preach against the actions of the King of England and/or his emissaries.  Charges were brought against many;  warrants issued;  several clergy arrested, many churches ransacked, or even burned.  There were 19 in NYC alone and upon the arrival of some 20,000+ Brit Regulars, the churches were among their first targets. All 19 were either ruined or burned to the ground.  A few clergymen were even killed.  All that to say this:  the church which we have started will not take 501.c.3 from the because they cant take what isn't there.  I will continue to call a spade a spade, a muslim a muslim and a pervert a pervert.  We currently have no real property holdings - after all, we've only just begun. 

On another note, there have been attempts made by other would-be gods to force men, who would follow God, to their knees in subservience.  They refused to bend knee and in most cases were entreated spitefully - translated means 3 made it into a fiery furnace, 1 was tossed to the lions; still others were sawn in half or were shoved bound into a hollowed log and set ablaze.  Financial ruin can be nearly as devastating.

What I see becoming the norm is a phone call comes in or a visit is made and request is made to be married.  Questions are asked by both parties and the lifestyle of the intended couple comes out.  They are waiting, overtly hoping to be refused so they can sue the church or whatever organization and pastor for discrimination.   Sue, destroy repeat. 

There is a larger picture though than just targeting the clergy.  The target is the moral fiber of America which, sadly, is almost shot already.  If enough pressure can be exerted against Christians, the rest of the masses will more willingly bow.  If God can be portrayed as a non-participant in men's affairs, or better yet - non-existent - then more will loose heart and faith.  The fight we're in is raging already on the spiritual level and has been going on for millennia.   Many Christians today believe we are entering or have entered what is known as "the last days".  There is good reason for such a stand.(Topic and material for another day)

We - the clergy - were a major problem in the first Revolution and I see no rational reason to part with such a rich history.  In fact, tomorrow's message will be on the topic of Marriage - God's Way. 

heh heh heh  I plan to lick my finger and stick it into someone's eye tomorrow....

PP  III to III  Chaplain,  IIIPSA


  1. John,

    I think that is one of your best posts ever.


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