Saturday, June 6, 2015

I Have an Offering...

I have come by a very limited number(10) of copies of the book pictured here.

I am making this book available first to III Chaplains, those who may have serious interest in becoming a III Chaplain, other Patriots who have dedicated themselves to serving their tribe in this capacity and to those who may have an interest in doing so.  This book will be provided FOC to those who email me a physical address.

The book was written by a Naval Chaplain who relates his experiences primarily in the Middle East.  In other words, it's about what he did as a current-day war Chaplain.

Let's face one fact squarely:  if things continue in the current downward spiral, everyday life in this country will get very ugly and currently there are no glaring indicators that things will change for the better anytime soon.  Consequently, we - the III Chaplain Corps - must have a basic grasp of what we could very well be dealing with. 

This book is by no means a primer on the Chaplaincy;  just one man's reflections and insight.

Shipping will begin Wednesday, June 10 as I'm currently away.


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  1. Anonymous11/6/15 11:25

    Sounds like a good book. For pastors I would recommend reading:

    "The Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution" by Joel T. Headley
    "The Battle of Lexington, a sermon and eyewitness narrative" by Jonas Clark

    They are both inspiring accounts from battle tested pastors.

    My name is Bill and I am a pastor. I am a conservative Bible believing Christian. I also believe in the value of the Constitution. I am not sure how to use your comment selection bar so I chose anonymous. I appreciate your work.

  2. thank you Bill... there are few "Bible-believing Christian pastors" who are willing to admit that what they see is the reality we're called to live and participate in... Pastor Jonas Clark was a IRevWar firebrand and in the thick of things... I'm always glad to make contact with a fellowlaborer with a like mind so, if you've a mind sometime, send me a note to:


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