Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Happy, Happy, Happy Cinco de Mayo

 Almost forgot - I did get a light on it and left it up overnight.

Running the risk of being labeled an agitator, following are my thoughts about Cinco de Mayo in America.

You are free to celebrate whatever you feel needs recognized.  You even have the right to fly your nation's flag should you have immigrated here from another country.  In fact, that right, as well as a host of others, is represented by MY FLAG.  This is MY FLAG and I will display it on this day - regardless of your view - and I will fly it on every other day of my choosing without regard to your or your nation's preferences.  Here are your choices in the matter:
1.  assimilate into our country
2.  shut up and expatriate yourself if you find my rights as a natural born citizen to be "offensive".
There is no "Door #3".  You WILL NOT intimidate me.  Should you believe in your heart of hearts that trying to intimidate me into taking my flag down is a viable option, then you are unredeemable.  I WILL defend MY RIGHT to display MY FLAG by any means necessary.
In addition,  I intend for this Flag - MY FLAG - to remain on display until I can muster the nerve to climb the ladder again to remove it.(Yes, I have a fear of heights but can overcome it when there's a critical need).  This means that there will be a light shining on it throughout the night tonite.  "...through the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gave PROOF THROUGH THE NIGHT that MY FLAG was still there.."(poetic license was taken).  I wonder just how many understand how the flagpole supporting the flag within the walls of Ft. McHenry was able to remain erect all night.

Do your own homework. I've handed you enough.

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