Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The State of Illinois vs. Rightful Liberty

...  is, in reality, Evil vs. Good or to dress it up in today's vernacular Communism vs. Rightful Liberty.   Yes, I see them as one in the same in many issues.  It has been(until more recent days) the general idea that Christians do not accept nor agree with the "gay" lifestyle. Some have used a very wrong approach in their unacceptance but that's for another day.  The "gay" community is very well aware of this and has used the courts and legislators to inflict a kind of backlash against any and all who not only don't accept their ways but any who might voice the slightest disagreement.  The "gay" community wants to rid these once great and not so United States of all traces of public Christianity.  Do I think it a grand conspiracy of only the same-sexers?  Au contraire, mon frere.  The systematic extermination of our Founding Principles is an ongoing effort by many - even some who may not accept the same-sexers but will crawl into bed with them(so to speak) to form a unified front against Christian values. Rightful Liberty is inseperable from Christian values.  Original Man was afforded the right to make choices by his and our Creator. 

Rightful Liberty, as we understand it and agree to, is what's in question.  Should the general populace be allowed to make their own decisions and behave according to their own concsiences or must they be corralled into complying with group think?  Those who would be our masters cast their vote for control of all - especially over those of us who have a vastly different worldview.  NEWS FLASH - It's MY RIGHT to decide with whom I will associate and for whom I will provide any particular service.  It is MY business as to the whys and why nots of such decisions.  If my belief system drives my decisions, then so be it but NO ONE - to include the .gov at any and all levels - has the right to tell me what the limits are of my beliefs and their resulting expressions.  My limitation comes when my expression would interfere with the expression of another and vice versa and NOT when your feelings are hurt.

This interfering with expression is what we have today.  There is a mouthy minority forcing others to acknowledge and cooperate with them or face the weight of persecution and prosecution. AND THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is a clear violation of my Rightful Liberty.

And if God endued me with such a right, who are they who attempt to confiscate it?  Enemies, to say the least and false, self-appointed gods at the logical conclusion.


  1. ToneDeaf7/4/15 10:28


    No truer words have ever been spoken. The powers that be are just using the unbridled hate and intolerance of the LGBT community to push their agenda of total control over all of us.


    1. "useful" idiots, as it were... only one day they too will be the targeted by those who currently use them instead of the targeters


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