Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Rafford Tucker to the IIIPSA Chaplain Corps.  He currently resides in NE Texas. He has a lengthy background in Christian church ministry; in his own words: :... taught a Sunday school adult class, led small group bible study as a leader for a couple years, as well as travelled on a couple church sponsored mission trips. I occasionally fill in teach for people who can't make the class for various reasons." He adds, "I am involved in the Stephen Ministry at my church. If you are not familiar, it is a very structured care giving ministry, in existence for over twenty years. I have been involved in our group for over two years and went through 50 hours of training before being assigned a care receiver and go to continuing education twice a month as part of this ministry. It is a one on one counseling ministry, walking with people through a variety of life challenges including grief, divorce, job loss, death of loved one, etc."

He has made himself available to local Patriot groups and has stepped forward to join ranks with the IIIPSA Chaplains.

We're pleased and honored to have you with us, Rafford.

Prepping Preacher,   Chaplain   IIIPSA



  1. Welcome to the III, Mr. Tucker.

    I wish there was a III Preacher in my neck of the woods.

    Miss Violet

  2. ToneDeaf2/4/15 07:26

    Welcome Mr. Tucker.


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