Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Moral Code ...

"We Are Professionals, And Guardians Never Satisfied With Half Measures

We carry ourselves as quiet professionals. We strive to represent the best potential of what the liberty movement has to offer. There is no problem we cannot solve and no opponent too large. We do not know the meaning of the word “impossible.” We operate best under pressure and during disaster. We move to disrupt crisis before it begins when possible, and we refuse to stand back as spectators when crisis does develop. We work diligently to master all knowledge and training that could be used to achieve our goal, which is a free, prosperous and independent citizenry. We do not seek leadership over others; we only wish to teach others how to lead themselves. We will not stop until this goal is accomplished or until we are no longer breathing. We are not mutable nor flexible where tyranny is concerned. We are entirely uncompromising. We are stubborn bastards, here to drive oligarchs even crazier than they already are. We are here to undo them and their treacherous world. And in this mission, we find ultimate comfort and peace."

The whole article is here.

There is on-going discussion within our ranks concerning the topic of this post.  Brandon Smith, of fame, has very closely presented what I believe to be a squarely driven nail.  All will not agree - Jeffersonian Liberty allows for that.  Consider though, for just a moment, that one's lapse of moral guidance occurs within the AO of another Patriot...

Live in Liberty.

PP  Chaplain  IIIPSA


  1. Interesting how looking at situations from a different angle can provoke some thought.


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