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I was listening to the message my co-worker brought to our little church last Sunday and decided that the entire chapter(of which he utilized only a small portion) was worthy of further study.  My thoughts follow:

IIChronicles 13
At this time in Israel's history, the 12 tribes were divided 10 - being called "Israel" - and 2 - called Judah.  This division was prophesied before the death of Solomon but did not actually occur until after.  These 2 factions went to war.

In verse 3, Abijah meets the threat of Jeroboam by setting his army in array. In the next 9 verses, Abijah presents the core of the issues between the 2 factions as well as the then current cause for continued division and conflict.

Although Jeroboam tries to ambush Abijah, the Lord supernaturally intervenes and Judah is ultimately the victor.

The first fact of note is that Judah;s army was outnumbered 2 to 1 yet they won.

The next is the courage of Abijah and his men.  The odds are not good but they dug in, stood their ground and were committed to the fight.  The action of the ambush brought the shout of attack and the trumpets call to fight.  For Abijah and his army, it was principle that mattered. 

What intrigued me most was the basis for Abijah's willingness to go to war.  He was prepared for and went willingly to battle over 1) the foundational forming of the nation.  God had unified the tribes under David's rule and had given the throne to him and his descendants.  Jeroboam was but the son of a servant that served Solomon.  Abijah's intent was to re-establish rightful leadership and governance.  The second issue he was willing to fight for was to put the operation of the nation back on track with it's founding.  In this case it was proper worship of the Lord God and have the proper individuals properly executing the duties of their offices.

We - the Patriot Community at large - are vastly outnumbered;  our government has been hi-jacked by those who have absolutely no affinity for nor connection to the foundational principles of this great American Experiment.  They would "fundamentally change America" into something as abhorrent as the idol-worshipers of those 10 tribes would have changed all Israel.

It is therefore my position that we take a lesson from this Chapter and I would urge every Patriot to consider Abijah and his army:  are you willing to fight for our roots as they were for theirs?  Are you willing to stand your ground in the face of overwhelming odds?  Are you willing to go the distance and not only act to restore Rightful Liberty but extend that Liberty to include the free and unrestricted exercise of our foundational religious beliefs?  What might that look like?  Prayer and the Bible back in the classroom.  God and His Providential Hand acknowledged in public.  God's Word returned to our courthouses and to the walls of our monuments. Churches detached from and free of any political oversight in order to freely worship as each is convinced to do.  The .gov out of families and how they live.  These are just for starters but let me say this:  if we expect the free atmosphere the Founders enjoyed then we must be willing to restore the conditions which caused it to flourish.

This is the depth of my commitment to the restoration of Rightful Liberty.

Psalm 9:17  "The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God."
Psalm 50:22  "Now consider this, ye that forget God, lest I tear you in pieces, and there be none to deliver."

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