Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sometimes Something Just has to be Done...

While on one hand, her effort was both foolhearty and non-productive(as far as changing anything), it represents a growing unwillingness to coddle the muslim blood-thirsty, liars.  Though not well received, she did deliver her message.  KUDOS to her for that.  She seems to have more manliness than the UNclergy who allowed the desecration of their supposedly hallowed halls.

View the article here.  Be sure to scroll down on the linked page to view the brief video.


  1. Wait until the muzzies reach 10% of the population, even then the "moderates" will become violent. This false religion has to be stopped.

  2. yet, as with everything else, those with the power to stop them won't so the stopping will default to others...


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