Friday, July 4, 2014

**UPDATE** July 4th "Celebrate America" Event

Due to weather concerns, the "Celebrate America" event will be postponed to Saturday, July 5th.

Everything else remains the same.

In connection with my posting about a friend jailed for street preaching:

July 4th, 2014
10AM - 2PM
"Celebrate America"
Kennedy Park, Lewiston, Maine

There will be a public bbq, soft drinks, and public speaking (now let me ask you, if a "Preacher" and a Reverend put this event together, what kind of "public speaking" do you expect..???)

The intent is to draw attention to Rightful Liberty as expressed and experienced by our Founding Fathers and how far we've strayed off that course. This will also be the first action, of an on-going effort, to re-establish an individual's right to public assembly without harassment from the local leos.

Cameras, "smart" phones, and other recording devices will be in use throughout the 3 hour event... anything noteworthy will be posted on as many websites as we can access...

If you are given to prayer, then please do on our behalf starting today and continuing throughout the week and during the event.

Thank you,

PP III Chaplain III to III

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