Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Being Way Behind The Action Curve

In this day and age, churches - leadership as well as congregants - should be on the lead edge of the action curve of getting and being prepared for the coming free exchange of ideas.  Instead many, if not most, are miserably behind.  In fact, many see no need to be prepared for anything and rather play into the progressive behavior and adopt that mindset.  Such a position is blatantly errant.

Following is a short excerpt from the presentation on reversing the trend:

"Christians are a family. We often call each other "brothers and sisters" even when we are not related by blood or marriage. Jesus has taught us to love one another, to help one another. This is what I mean when I suggest churches get involved in prepping - that we help each other as we struggle to survive tough times that may lie ahead. It is the Christian thing to do."

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