Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What Is This 'Rightful Liberty' Business All About?

The readers of this blog, it's parent and others like it, see a great deal made of the phrase "Rightful Liberty".  This phrase has been defined by Thomas Jefferson as the, "...unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others."  Humor me while I break the statement down.

"...unobstructed action" means that whatever is done is done without interference from anyone or anything.  Pretty basic.  No insurmountable obstacles placed in one's way; no parameters nor boundaries except for 1) one's own decisions to act AND, 2) one's respect and consideration for of the rights of our neighbors.  By this I can conclude that so long as what I do does not step on the RIGHTS of anyone else, I'm free to do what I decide to do.  And such was at one time true in and of this nation but is no longer the case.  But most everyone who reads this and similar blogs knows this already.  So why the fuss?  Those who would be our masters, that's why.

There are those who simply cannot leave well enough alone and it doesn't stop there.  Not only can these loyalists not leave well enough alone, they insist on denying the most basic freedom to those who seem to be the 1) most vulnerable and, 2) least capable of responding.  I have never liked bullies as I was ill-treated by a few as a child - until I said enough.  I use the term "loyalists" because of the undeniable parallel between those first labeled as such in the 1700's and the nazi/stazi leos today.  What has provoked this?  It's simple: a friend of mine was street-preaching, annoyed a local leo and consequently was summarily downed, cuffed, stuffed - in front of his wife and all others in the public park - then taken to booking.  He was offered no reason as to what provoked the "legal" attack;  he was given several reasons afterward, none of which agreed with each other nor fit the situation.  His wife was taken aside and explained that he was "calling people names". 

A part of me wants to dismiss this event as something that is not my problem.  The other,  greater(ok - overwhelming) part of me can't allow that to happen.  So, there will be a response which will, in itself, be the delivery of a message - my message of ENOUGH. 

I am organizing a public meeting/bbq on July 4th in the same park the criminal action took place.  I am partnering with another loose-cannon in town who has himself been on the receiving end of the leo physical therapy for much the same reasons as the man mentioned above.  The three of us will, during the course of our planned, permitted event, do the selfsame thing which has caused the event in the first place.  There will not be just one man exercising his First Amendment Right to the free expression of his religion, there will be three of us. 

You  may not appreciate street-preaching or any preaching at all but what ought to have you interested in this and the thousands of similar incidents across this nation is the fact that every time this occurs and there is no response, the loyalists gain the advantage.  One of the biggest contributing factors to the decline of our nation is that for decade after decade after decade no one responded to the encroachments on our rights.  Be it preaching, land ownership, or healthcare choices our rights are being decimated.  I cannot change national policy nor behavior but I can and will stand where I am and say ENOUGH.

Prepping Preacher

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