Sunday, June 8, 2014

An Intro is in Order

With the recent organization efforts, consideration was given to just what kind of group will the III Percent be and, of course, how will it best carry out it's stated and intended Mission.  Patriotism, one's love for his country, what once was and Rightful Liberty run very deeply - soul deep for most.  The pledging of one's life, fortune and sacred honor to fight a potentially unwinnable war is as deep as it gets. Many men and women who make up our past were called on by circumstance to surrender it all - which they did.

The III - OUR III - is made up of men and women who are cut from the same cloth. Our thirst and ache for Rightful Liberty runs just as deep. For many within our ranks and ranks of those who share our ideals but don't necessarily associate directly with our III as an organization, that thirst coincides with or even springs from religious beliefs that run as deep as their Patriotism.  As a result, a means of encouraging, boosting morale was found necessary.  Hence, the III Chaplains Corps. 

As General George Washington recognized this need of those under his command, so too it has been recognized by our III.  As his view then was to provide the means of religious worship and elevating morale so will ours be today.  We Chaplains are and will be there for those of you who will, as is said, "step into harm's way".

It is my personal pledge to you, with God as my Help, to step there with you.  It's not about me, it's not about you - it's about Rightful Liberty. 

Prepping Preacher, III Chaplain

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